Always excellent, relevant and inspirational!

Awesome presentation! Thanks.

Fabulous person with a depth of understanding of life beyond measure

Great speaker and listener. Eye opening talk – empowering.

 Very refreshing and upbeat!                      

. . . you have no idea how many people have already embraced their “race to excellence.” I only hope that “administration” can keep up!!

People continue to talk about the difference between IN and OF . . . people rated this the BEST INSERVICE EVER!! I’ve reviewed evaluations of sessions before (as you well know) and I am just blown away reading the responses. -Kim M

. . . I wanted to . . . pass on our thanks for the inspiration you gave us at the Ohio Sib conference.

I’m still honored at the wonderful introduction you gave before our film, but it’s your talk that gave us a great thought and we find that a discussion will arise every couple of days from a subject in your discussion. We were riveted as you weaved your stories into a great message, a message to take home and share. – Jeff D

Derrick came for a day of staff celebration and training over 2 years ago. He “knocked the audience out” with a keynote presentation focused on “Making a Difference One Person At A Time.” My staff members still talk about his presentation and always ask me when he will be coming back. . .  Mr. Dufresne is the top of the game when it comes to progressive support and advocacy/consultation for people, and providers for people with disabilities.

. . . He is a man who will move a huge audience and can also individually connect in a way that is warm, loving and as sincere as it gets. Humor, passion, and love emanate from Derrick and he will clearly bring positivity and hope to any organization or individual inclined to hire him. -John R

Thank you for the time you spent in Clark County – your words made a difference and helped people think about a future for individuals with disabilities that’s different than the past. -Deborah C

Please let Derrick know HOW GREAT HE WAS at NC-PIP! He was spell-binding, , , , , [I] have never forgotten how well he did and how much I appreciate his fine work and passion for the issues and the population we serve. -Deborah W

Derrick has impacted my life both personally – as parent of a young man with a disability – and as a professional in the field of disability, leadership and advocacy . . . his insightful and brilliant use of everyday stories to illustrate life truths has forever changed the way I view disability and the importance of real life experiences and community connections. Derrick delivers every time with compassion, integrity, and intensity and a huge dose of fun! -Laura B

The best experience I’ve ever had in this field. Should be required for every politician, funder, and director. The inspiration, ideas, relationships, and resources will last a lifetime and I hope will change the lives of people living with a developmental disability for the better. -Keith A

Thank you, Derrick, for the time you spent with our class of Partners this past weekend. You said some powerful things that will change my life forever. . .  Thank you for speaking truth to us and not just saying things that we want to hear. -Linda C

You continue to raise the bar. You take no prisoners. -Debbie

Derrick, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your inspirational words last week. There is still quite a buzz here. I have been with the agency 6 years now and I have never seen such a positive reaction. It really created the perfect mind frame for the retreat. -Bill S

I wanted to take a moment to thank you personally for the presentation you gave at our agency retreat this past weekend. The consensus across the agency was that you were the best guest speaker many of us had ever heard. You were very motivational in making each person feel empowered to be a catalyst for change in the agency. -Christie S

Your presentation was simply awesome . . . I think you were the first speaker (and we have been through most of the circuit) who presented with skill and talent that quite frankly I find extremely rare. You took the time to think . . . and you nailed it, . . . Good speakers are one thing but to have the gift of someone who understands us and can inspire an inspirational organization is something I have not seen in a very long time. Damn Derrick, the agency is still abuzz with your quotes, your serious questions and your humor! How cool is that? -Lynn S

Enjoyed your “re-entry’: to the fullest, happy in the knowledge that you enjoyed a successful trip to Colorado and have made a mark on its landscape.

There is a distinct buzz here. The full session on Wednesday, followed by the smaller group on Thursday, has injected renewed energy to staff. Your time with us was, in equal parts, affirmational, challenging, inspirational and energizing.

How fortunate we are to have you, all these years later, engaged with us in our work. . .  You are as much or more a stakeholder today than ever before for which we are profoundly grateful. -David E

I just completed the Fred Saigh Parent Leadership Institute and wanted to thank you for your time and insights at our Day Two session.

I’m now on a mission to find one person in my son’s life who is not a family member that cares enough about him to be a part of his life long after I am gone . . .  our speaking to our group was incredibly informative and appreciated. -Stacy Z

Thank you for coming out to speak. You made quite an impact on everyone even myself. You did a very exstrodinary job it was very well done and layed out and was very detailed and very specific, and to the point I was intriged you made me beleave in everything. I do I hope you get to be invited out here to speak again and thank you. -Andrew N

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with our class. You opened my eyes and challenged me to look at my son’s disability from a whole new perspective.

You were an amazing presenter and I could have listened to your presentation over and over. Thank you for your honesty and sharing your wonderful, heartfelt stories with us.

I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to meet you and hear your talk. -Renee E

I myself believe that we are in a time and place for a reason. Many of your comments truly hit home with me – and were things that needed to be heard. I resonated the most with how do we teach our children to give back and not just be recipients of good works done unto them.

Most importantly I gained validation on how we have been raising our children. . . 

Your message was very powerful. -Leesa A

I have a physical disability called Cerebral Palsy, but I don’t believe it should be a barrier for achieving my dreams for the future!

I just would like to thank you for being a speaker in my class. . . Your presentation, “Building a Bridge to the Future” was great and very informational! I really enjoyed it. -Autumn P

. . .we are extremely grateful for your presentation on affordable housing. One of the things people with disabilities face is thinking that they will never be able to afford a house of their own. But your presentation dispels that myth. It offers much needed hope to those of us that love and care for our special family members.

Donnie loved your upbeat presentation with funny stories. He loves fun. -Beatrice W

You were masterful as a presenter and our TX Partners needed exactly what you gave us. That is what it means to be in Texas Partners – shifting your paradigm. Thank you, you made a huge difference for our program. -Jan B


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